Holidays & Lost Loved Ones

Safe to say, holidays with loved one missing are not gonna be easy.

I lost one of my younger brothers (the one born right after me) 8 months ago. He passed 2 months before his daughter was born. It’s been real tough on my mom, his girlfriend, his best friends, our uncles.

I didn’t realize how tough it was on me.

My brother and I are a year and 4 months apart. We and our other siblings grew up close together. It was a constant. Us 4 before our youngest sibling came along. We became 5. But still every year was brought in with us being there together whether physically in the same space or not.

To have that constant change has taken its toll on me as the new year approaches.

Yesterday was spent with me mostly in tears because if it. I had to leave home and go to hubby just to cry in the comfort of his arms. Like big boo-hoo, snot all over your chest, got the ugly face, i-don’t-care-who-can-hear-me tears.

He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know why i was crying. But he just held me close and let me cry all over his naked chest. He kissed my forehead. He told me he loved me and was there for me. He gave me time to collect myself before I could even give the reason for it all.

He has been my rock through it all. I love him so much more for it.

Some days are harder than others. I just don’t understand why my brother was taken so young, before he had the chance to see his beautiful little girl.

I miss my bother.

For those of you that have lost someone too soon, who still feel it years later, my condolences to you. Lean on your partner. Let them hold you. Let them wipe your snot and tears. Let them console you.

Peace. Communicate. Support. Love. Always


Vacation, Anniversaries, Celebrations

Hello lovelies,

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas. For those of you celebrating Kwanzaa (Nia!)

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays ❤

Back to business, Hubby and I’s anniversary is coming up 2 years on New Years (seems so much longer but yea it’s only been 2 years since we made things official, 4 years since our 1st date, and 5 months since he proposed)

You know what that means, time to celebrate our love with a little getaway!!!

Now if you’re like me you like to plan things out early. At least get the gist of how, where, and when:

  • Where are you going?
  • How you gonna get there? How are we paying for it?
  • When are we going?

So we started thinking things out in mid-November. I had a nice hotel picked out, looked at things to do in the area, a car within our budget and of course the price was doable with the dates we wanted. Sent it to hubby… He said he would look it over…….


Of course he didn’t, so we had to look for things last minute. And everywhere was obviously booked for New Years. Car price was tripled, costing more than our room. And I was annoyed when during our search he pulled up the same hotel.

Really love? Really?

Any who, of course we found something, nothing extravagant, or really like our other vacations. But it will give us more US time since that is really what we need. Just a chance to be with each other no interruptions. Our quality time.


Connect, Communicate, Support, Love.