Cuddle Conversations

Honestly these are the best kind of talks there is.

Why?… because, your vulnerable in your partners arms or space and ready to share whats on your mind.

I love these moments because they make my heart swell and burst with more love for my other half that I thought I had. These moments take my breath away because we share our feelings. We don’t shy away from them.

Mind you hubby didn’t know how to cuddle when we first started dating.

No, I’m being serious.

We were on our 2nd or 3rd date or something like that, out by the John Finley Walk in NYC (I’m a Queens, NY girl btw) curled up on each other and he asks me, “What is cuddling?”

I kid you not I looked at him funny and said “We’re cuddling right now”. He has his arm around my shoulders, my legs are on top of his, and my head is on his shoulder with my arm draped across his lap. We were cozy and cuddling and he didn’t know it. Smh.

Sad but its okay, our relationship consisted of a lot of first with each other.

But back to these cuddle conversations.

They are raw and revealing, honest and truthful. Our conversations usually consist of “Wow, when we first started this I never thought it would get this far” ” I’m blessed/grateful to have you in my life” “You mean the wold to me and I’m never letting you go” “You have my heart forever and always


Awwwwwww…. I can’t wait for our next session.

These conversations are eye opening. Especially after great sex. Oooh taboo topic. She’s talking about sex, OMG this is great….. LOL

I know, I’m a clown. But great sex, makes for great cuddling, and great conversations.

If you can catch your breath or stay awake long enough to have those sessions! No lie it did happen a few times where hubby got me good and I just curled up into myself and knocked out for a bit.

TMI, oh well, grow up. Sex is not a taboo topic but society made it one. Why is it wrong to talk about something you enjoy when big business make so much money off it too?

Anywho, talk after sex, grab your other half in your arms, get some great skin to skin contact going, caress them, play in their hair, look into their eyes and say…….That was fucking awesome, I love you!!!! (he he he)

Not but after, just say “I love how you did this or that ” Or even “you’ve gotten better at ___” (cause my cowgirl/reverse cowgirl is on point now!) .

No really, i’ll be serious now!  Just say, I’m still in awe of the things to do to me and how you make me feel. If they want to explain. Then explain.

They will take what you say to heart as long as it’s from your heart.

Again, cuddle, talk, reveal yourself to your partner. They’ll appreciate your openness and you will get them to open up more to you as well.