Celebrate Everyday

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With Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow, I just want to remind you of one thing – Don’t let Valentine’s Day be the sole definer of the year for your grand gesture of love, let everyday be a day to remind your partner how much you love them exponentially.

Here’s some advice (pending on what your partner wants):

  • Even if YOU don’t particularly like celebrating Valentine’s Day (or any other holiday for that matter) listen to what your partner wants. It is not just you in the relationship. Never let your partner feel like you’re not paying attention to what they want
  • Jewelry, chocolate, and flowers are not for everyone! Don’t fall in to that stereotype. Again talk to your partner to find out what they want. You never know if a quiet evening alone with just the two of you is all they need.
  • Extravagance and expensive is not always the best bet. I can honestly say that hubby has gotten home made cards from me these past 3 years and he loves everyone of them (besides our every day love notes). A gift can be just some of your time, an acknowledgment of certain achievements or milestones, a book, a new lingerie that YOU picked out to make her feel sexy, a favorite something, etc
  • Valentine’s day can also be a time to try something new – new date night ideas, new things in the bedroom, go on an adventure… just something you haven’t done before but its made its way onto your list as things to try.

These are just some things I thought of. Not necessarily any one thing special. But… it all comes down to communication, discuss plans, suck it up and celebrate to make them happy even if its something small (stay at home cuddle session or sensual massage or read some of the strips in your happiness jar ::hint hint::).

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

But remember, show your love everyday!




Happiness Jar

There are some things on social media that are just awesome. Especially on Pinterest!

Last year, I stumbled across a post about Happiness Jars.

happiness-gratitude-jar.jpg (720×480)

Happiness Jars are basically mason jars or empty containers where you write on little slips of paper something that made you happy that day, all year long.

Sounds like work right.

But it’s actually really fun.

To make it even more fun, make a Happiness Jar with your partner. At the end of the year you’ll be surprised to see that all the things you think they didn’t notice, actually was, and it made them happy.

You don’t even have to wait for the end of the year, use it as a way to celebrate what you to have built together. Use it as a pick me up when you or your partner is feeling down. Use it as a reminder of why you love each other.

Use it for love and laughs.

I started on one for a few months, lost it, found it again, and shared it with hubby. He really liked to reminisce with me about the moments we shared. He also liked that I took the time to write out the special moments as happy moments, since we had them together.

This can be another way to share with your partner how much you appreciate them.

Create. Share. Appreciate. Support. Communicate. Love

Vacation, Anniversaries, Celebrations

Hello lovelies,

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas. For those of you celebrating Kwanzaa (Nia!)

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays ❤

Back to business, Hubby and I’s anniversary is coming up 2 years on New Years (seems so much longer but yea it’s only been 2 years since we made things official, 4 years since our 1st date, and 5 months since he proposed)

You know what that means, time to celebrate our love with a little getaway!!!

Now if you’re like me you like to plan things out early. At least get the gist of how, where, and when:

  • Where are you going?
  • How you gonna get there? How are we paying for it?
  • When are we going?

So we started thinking things out in mid-November. I had a nice hotel picked out, looked at things to do in the area, a car within our budget and of course the price was doable with the dates we wanted. Sent it to hubby… He said he would look it over…….


Of course he didn’t, so we had to look for things last minute. And everywhere was obviously booked for New Years. Car price was tripled, costing more than our room. And I was annoyed when during our search he pulled up the same hotel.

Really love? Really?

Any who, of course we found something, nothing extravagant, or really like our other vacations. But it will give us more US time since that is really what we need. Just a chance to be with each other no interruptions. Our quality time.


Connect, Communicate, Support, Love.