Relationship Killers

Apologies for the lack of posts, March has been very eventful.. my brothers one year anniversary of his passing, I got promoted to executive director at the non-profit I work for (currently working on a huge self-care/love initiative for June), I wrote a poetry book (finally, in its editing phase) and I got accepted into my grad school program of choice!

But I can say that through it all, hubby has been by my side every step of the way. I honestly don’t know how things would be if we were different people solely focused on ourselves instead of working to build WITH each other.

With that said I started thinking of what it would take to break our bond. I saw this post which is very interesting…

jealousy.jpg (183×275)

After building up the intimacy in a relationship, getting your communication down pact, and building up the pillars of support… there shouldn’t be any doubt about your partner.

But in the cases that there are it can be due to social media, lack of trust in yourself and/ or your partner, and inability to let things go, not giving any breathing room or space… or whatever else an insecure mind can think of…

All these things can break whatever strong bonds you THINK you may have.

222154357-tumblr_mr0dflY5YV1rnz514o1_1280.jpg (612×612)

TALK to your partner, let your fears or doubts be known to them and yourself. You cannot hold onto things and think that they should know what bothering you when you haven’t made it known point blank.

We’re human, not mind readers, we get shit wrong, we don’t take ownership for everything, we are selfish in our wants and needs, so unless something is made known outright we will continue forward blissful and blind.

trust. love. support. communicate.