Confession to My King

Dear Readers,

Know this… I praise hubby all the time, especially to his face. I love to remind him how much he means to mean often. Even if I’ve said it many times throughout the day sometimes I have to ask him,

Have I told you how much I love you yet?

I never get tired of telling him how I feel about him and I hope we never get to the point where it feels like a chore to get the words out or it becomes so inauthentic to hear those words anymore.

We sometimes go back and forth about how this all started with us. We reminisce on how we first saw each other, what went through our minds (him more so than me because I don’t remember much about our first encounter), and what was the over lasting impression. I love to hear him talk about the effect I had on him just from a simple wave hi. I love to think back to the first time I really saw him, and his smile, his smile was everything.

It took time for us to get here, to this point of no return to lives without each other, there were tough times but even more than that there were greater times. I’m still shocked that he told me he loved me first and I will always be in awe of that (and the fact that he really did put a ring on my finger!). I feel like we are still in that honeymoon phase but this is almost 5 years in and it doesn’t seem to be passing any time soon.

I hope not.

To go back to the topic of Relationship Killers at this point in time for us would be lack of trust and communication (which is why I always stress it so much). If it ever got to a point where we couldn’t talk to each other then that would be it. Doubt would spread in and it would be downhill from there.


I have confessed my love to him over and over again and I have surrendered everything I have to him as well. I view him as my provider, protector, confidante, support, best friend, lover, husband… my king. I bask in his embrace over and over again. I take comfort in his warmth, his smile, his eyes, his love. I trust in him. I believe in him. I will follow him and lead him when necessary. I enjoy and relish in his company, our time together in that we are simply together.

This is my confession. I am his as much as he is mine.

What is your confession? How do you feel about your partner? How do you show/tell them?