Spiritual Intimacy

I’ve searched all through the internet and came across different types of intimacy. Spiritual Intimacy spoke to me in that,out of just talking about building a religion based relationship with your partner it gave a completely different look at the spiritual aspect.

Here spiritual intimacy was describe as “the awe-inspiring moments that you experience with your partner”, with the examples of worshipping as a couple” or “walking hand-in-hand in nature”.

While being intimate through religion is fine for some it is not for those who don’t regularly practice. But for those of you that do, take time to pray together, and for each other. Speak to your higher being together. Relinquish your fears and anxieties, breathe life into your dreams and goals… together.

Spiritual-Intimacy-How-To.jpg (603×448)
Image via ACT

Do not force your spiritual beliefs on your partner. Nor your practices. Share but do not make it a requirement. Do not make them uncomfortable but some of your stricter values that they are more lenient towards. Find a balance that you can both be happy with.

Spiritual intimacy is also taking the time to meditate together of finding your zen moments in silence. It’s focusing on your breathing. It’s letting your incense burn around you. It’s cleansing each other with frankincense and myrrh, it’s smudging with your sage sticks, it’s going through full moon rituals.

how-to-meditate-couples-500-375.jpg (500×375)
Image via Couples Guided Meditation

It is also walking through a park, finding a bench and enjoying the breeze on your kin, it’s sitting back and watching the waves on the shore, it’s standing on a bridge and taking in the scenery before you, it’s laying on the grass and looking at the sky.

Hubby and I share the latter as our form of spiritual intimacy. We enjoy nature. We recharge in beautiful scenery and each other’s company.

First vacation together in Myrtle Beach



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