Support! Support! Support!

Its been about a week or so since I last posted (with good reason – LIFE) lol.

But for real its just been a week or 2 of change. Got switched in my classroom assignment at work, celebrated the 4 year anniversary of the non-profit I work with (we launched our mentoring program), spending time with hubby, trying to finish knitting my cousins scarf, and studying… oh, and its mom’s birthday (she’s celebrating in PR.. im jelly since the weather is in the 4os right now)

Any who…

So as you can see I’ve been busy, hubby’s been busy too… so we haven’t seen each other like we want to. However as much as we have not seen each other we still try to talk at least once a day even if its just to leave a voicemail.

We both have our goals we are trying to accomplish and while we want to be with each all the time, like physically in each others space, we know its not going to happen. So we at least make it known to the other what we’re doing and we give each other the support and encouragement we can.

That type of being there for each other is necessary.

You don’t want your partner or other half to fell burdened with their endeavors or feel that you don’t care about whatever it is they’re trying to accomplish. Don’t let them live with what if’s. You don’t live with them either.

You have a goal in mind, set it, take the steps to complete it, conquer and finish it.

Let your partner know why its so important. Let them be your biggest cheerleader. Trust me hearing them say “I’m proud of you” is a great feeling. Having them give you those nudges and helping you stay on track is a huge plus to the success that you’ll share at the end.

Trust me everything is shared.

Motivate and Support Your Partner

Talk. Share. Support.


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